Swansboro, North Carolina


About Us - Who We Are


The Swansboro Church of Christ is a family of believers who meet regularly to worship God and encourage each other. We use the term "family" because each member of the Swansboro Church of Christ is a brother or sister in Christ. Our togetherness and love for each other is evident in all that we do, both in and outside of worship. We are by no means perfect people, but we strive to serve God to the best of our abilities.

Our membership consists of your neighbors and friends in the Swansboro area. We have folks of all different age groups and all walks of life.

We have no allegiance to any religious body except that of Christ's. We are not governed by any outside organization. Appealing to God's word, we are responsible for our own worship and work. We seek to worship God in the same manner as early New Testament churches. As followers of Christ, we are committed to bringing His truth to the world.

It is our sincere hope that you would come and worship with us. We believe that you will find our practices consistent with the Bible and trust that you will find our church family a place where you are welcome and truly feel at home.